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About us

Welcome to Artis

ARTIS ENGENHARIA, Lda is a company founded in December 2015, dedicated to civil construction and public works. It focuses its activity on the construction and rehabilitation of buildings, water supply systems, sanitation, roads, drainage systems and interior and exterior decoration, always with high levels of quality and innovation.

Since the beginning of its activity, it has experienced rapid growth and profusion, which has allowed it to develop a solid and reliable structure, with personnel qualified to carry out the various services that the company proposes. The management team is committed to training, innovate and the development of organizational methods geared towards continuous evolution and improvement, which allow us to satisfy the needs of our clients. The choice of a company like ARTIS ENGENHARIA, which covers all areas of the civil construction industry, has allowed our clients a vast number of improvements and reduced costs in construction and maintenance.

More about us

Values ​​are a set of characteristics of a particular person or organization that determine how the person or organization behaves and interact with other individuals and the environment. And it is in this spirit to serve the client that ARTIS ENGENHARIA is based, meeting all our clients' needs regarding quality, cost and deadlines.

In addition to the construction of new civil works, the future of civil construction inevitably goes through the rehabilitation market. ARTIS ENGENHARIA aims to promote the construction of existing works, respecting traditional construction techniques and the original architecture, in order to maximize customer comfort, taking the lead in the field of quality in the construction sector, and becoming a reference. If the client has a project or an idea, we have the an efficiently and quickly solution with high quality.

Provide diagnostic services and rehabilitation of civil works, using traditional construction techniques, providing solutions that promote comfort and structural reinforcement resulting in an optimization of the space and value of the property, focusing on quality and customer satisfaction.

In the scenario described, a company in the molds that it presents itself will undoubtedly be a reference, based on quality, efficiency and exigency. Besides the technical qualities that the group presents, the company has another "added value", the fact that it is "turnkey", that is, the client does not need to spare the time or patience to do the prospecting of market, looking for the best prices and professionals, because ARTIS ENGENHARIA guarantees a set of warranties that allow the client to have the least discomfort.

Our expertise